Date Title Link
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2021 Characterization of Aleta-001, a CAR T Engager Designed to Optimize Responses and Prevent Relapses from CAR-19 Therapy – ASH 2021 View PDF
2021 Anti-CD19 CAR T cells potently redirected to kill solid tumor cells – Plos One 2021 View PDF
2021 Anti-CD19 CAR T Cells That Secrete a Biparatopic Anti-CLEC12A Bridging Protein Have Potent Activity Against Highly Aggressive Acute Myeloid Leukemia In Vitro and In Vivo – Molecular Cancer Therapeutics 2021 View PDF
2020 A Novel Platform For Cell Therapeutics – OCTS July 2020 View Article
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2020 One CAR to Rule Them all – the Exemplary Fitness of CAR-CD19 T Cells and Their Repurposing for the Eradication of Solid Tumors – ASGCT 2020 View PDF
2019 A Novel CD19-Anti-CD20 Bridging Protein Prevents and Reverses CD19-Negative Relapse from CAR19 T Cell Treatment In Vivo – ASH 2019 #252 View PDF
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