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Aleta Biotherapeutics is an immuno-oncology company focused on transforming cellular therapeutics to allow a broad spectrum of cancer indications to be targeted, including currently intractable solid tumors.

Aleta Bio has created a unique portfolio of multi-antigen targeting solutions for cell therapy, designed to address the critical issues of CAR-T persistence, tumor antigen loss leading to patient relapse, and tumor antigen heterogeneity.

Co-founders Paul Rennert and Roy Lobb bring extensive scientific and leadership experience in immunology, oncology and drug development to this new enterprise.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board


James Mulé

SAB Head – Moffitt Cancer Center

  • Executive leadership at the Moffitt Cancer Center for Applied Science, Center for Translational Research, Adam Comprehensive Melanoma Center
  • The McGillicuddy Endowed Chair for Melanoma Research and Treatment

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Dr Sarah Tasian

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr. Tasian is a pediatric oncologist and physician-scientist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania
  • She has focused on developing novel therapeutics for children with high-risk leukemias
  • Her translational research and clinical trial efforts bring novel kinase inhibitors and CAR T cell therapies to the treatment of childhood ALL and AML

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Dr Christopher A Klebanoff MD

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr Klebanoff is Assistant member of the Center for Cell Engineering, at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • He is also a Member investigator of The Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Dr. Klebanoff’s laboratory develops diverse cell therapeutics for hematologic and solid tumors. In particular his lab investigates the role of T cell differentiation in the success of cell therapies

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Dr Christine Brown

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Dr Brown is the Heritage Provider Network Professor in Immunotherapy at City of Hope Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Her research has focused on advancing chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy for the treatment of cancer
  • Dr Brown provides scientific oversight for the translational research programs and ongoing phase I clinical trials evaluating CAR T cell therapy at City of Hope

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