Our Focus

We hijack CAR19 T cells to address critical issues in cell therapy

  • Confront antigen loss and tumor heterogeneity by targeting multiple antigens simultaneously with a single CAR (CAR19)
  • License CAR19 cell expansion & persistence through normal B cell CD19-targeting

– Uniquely, B cells represent a non-tumor-dependent self renewing source of antigen that can be targeted ‘safely’

The Technology

We create fusion proteins that contain multiple domains

The fusion protein creates a bridge between a CAR19 T cell and the target tumor cell

How it works

The fusion protein binds to the tumor, coating it with CD19:
CAR19 T cells are now able to bind to the tumor cells and kill them

Delivery methods used to get the fusion
protein to the tumor cells

Fusion protein expression platforms

CAR T Cell

  • Our lentiviral construct encodes both a CD19 specific CAR and fusion protein.

  • This allows CAR19 expression and CD19 fusion protein secretion from the CAR T cell.

Oncolytic Virus

Oncolytic viruses transduce tumors to deliver the CD19 fusion protein gene to the tumor cells

The tumor cells then produce the fusion protein, coating themselves and their neighbors with CD19

CAR19 T cells can find these coated T cells and specifically kill these cells

This approach provides a bystander effect (infect 1: coat 1000)

Soluble Protein

The CD19 fusion protein can be used as a biologic drug when added to antibody framework

Injecting soluble CD19 fusion protein allows for systemic delivery

The CD19 then coats the tumor cells targeting them for CAR19 specific killing