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Our Mission

Aleta’s mission is to create cell therapeutics that provide robust and durable clinical benefit for patients suffering from advanced hematologic cancers and refractory solid tumors. Aleta’s CAR-T Engager technology incorporates potent multi-antigen targeting, optimal T cell fitness, and persistence to aggressively attack cancers. We use this technology to build programs that solve specific clinical issues, including cell therapy relapses due to antigen loss and the challenge of overcoming solid tumor heterogeneity. Our lead development program has won landmark clinical support from Cancer Research UK and will enter Phase1/2 trials in 2022.

Who We Are

Aleta Biotherapeutics is an immuno-oncology company focused on transforming cellular therapeutics to allow a broad spectrum of cancer indications to be targeted, including currently intractable solid tumors.

The company was founded by Paul Rennert and Roy Lobb, who bring extensive scientific and leadership experience in immunology, oncology and drug development to this new enterprise. Aleta Bio has created a unique portfolio of multi-antigen targeting solutions for cell therapy, designed to address the critical issues of CAR-T persistence, tumor antigen loss leading to patient relapse, and tumor antigen heterogeneity.

Latest News

Aleta Biotherapeutics and Cancer Research UK collaborate to advance blood cancer therapy into the clinic

Aleta Biotherapeutics (‘Aleta’) and Cancer Research UK today announced a collaboration to advance the early phase clinical development of Aleta’s CAR-T cell engager candidate, ALETA-001.

Paul Rennert, President, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Aleta Biotherapeutics, said: “We are deeply honored to be partnering with Cancer Research UK to rapidly advance our lead drug candidate, ALETA-001, into the clinic. There is an urgent need to develop new therapies that can help people with B-cell cancers, such as lymphoma and leukemia, whose cancer has progressed after treatment with CD19 CAR-T cell therapy. Our collaboration with Cancer Research UK is a strong endorsement of the potential of our scientific platform to address the critical issues of CAR-T cell persistence, tumour antigen loss leading to patient relapse, and tumour antigen heterogeneity. We look forward to working with Cancer Research UK’s exceptional network of experienced clinical trial investigators and researchers to conduct the trial.”

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